Monday, June 29, 2009

2nd update for the day - after the cutting

so you can go ahead and count them all... what you see is the beginnings of six bags! some lack pieces, which i don't have fabric for at the moment, but the awesome part is finding fabric in my box that not only coordinates one fabric, but adds another whole bag into the mix. i found fabric to coordinate the left angelina ballerina fabric, the orange and blue to go with the nemo prints, as well as the pieces of purple fabric that are ballet shoe & ballerina prints. i need brown to go with the pink/brown checks, two different shades of purple to go with the angelina ballerina fabric on the left, the black (which i have) to go with the buzz lightyear bag, and then something to coordinate with the angelina/alice fabric next to the nemo. nemo has all its pieces, which means i can begin to cut out interfacing and padding to get it going :) i might do another bag like my beatles one of the purple ballet fabric, depending on what coordinating print i find to do the top piece, strap and lining.
so theres the excitement for tonight. i'm off to the gym now, and may try to piece some more things together later tonight.


  1. nice nice, lots and lots of cute stuff

  2. i'll prob have a few of those pink&brown ones. i bought the coordinating fabric for all the bags today, and if i don't get to them today before i go to the movies, i'll be cutting out things tomorrow :)

  3. Way to go girl! Nice and productive!

  4. heh.
    and so far
    thats as far as i've gotten...
    bought more fabric today.
    lol. broaded my military themes to army and marines