Monday, June 29, 2009

my floor...

is currently an ocean of fabric triangles.
i have one and a half sets of bag stripes done
*another buzz lightyear bag to sell
*pink&brown checks
- that would be my half... i couldn't find the right shade of brown at wal mart to alternate with it, so i need to go search possibly later today at joanns. or tomorrow.
in line to cut out:
*nemo fabric (somewhat like the buzz lightyear style of bag)
* angelina ballerina (two different prints)
*airforce <- that might not get done... still trying to figure out what i'm going to do with that one. i have two prints but don't know if i want to go total patriotic ness and throw some american flag fabric in there, or what i want to alternate with.
so there you have it. i had to resend my seller's permit, because my driver's licence fax was unable to be read. later today i need to finish my bella vista craft fair application and send that to lisa, so that she can send both ours in together. oh happy first day of not having a job...
i start subbing dance classes weds, but joanna is having me do three days with her... so here goes. :/


  1. Does that fabric closest to the camera say Zurg?

    PS it humors me that my blog is in the background.

  2. yes, i believe it says something about buzz lightyear vs zurg. its that comic book print. theres other pieces that have buzz on it and has him says "did someone call for a hero?" lol
    lol i thought you'd enjoy your blog in the background. it just happened to be up when i was taking pictures

  3. Nah-Lisa's blog in the background was totally a form of product placement. haha. Cute.

  4. your mom is a form of product placement...
    ooooh what now ariana?
    haa haa