Monday, June 15, 2009

could be the next "bow lady"?

well, we all know lisa is very keen on her color coordinating of her child when it comes to accesories.
-she's told me stories (both good and dramatic) of the modesto hairbow circut, and how this lady makes these bows and sells them for roughly 8 dollars a bow
now, i usually don't frequent the beverleys in our area, even though its like 6 or so minutes from my house, for anything but scrapbook paper because the fabric is pricey, they don't carry cricut supplies, and there really isn't anything there that you can't get elsewhere...
on that note, i was actually in the mentioned beverleys - after a trip to joanns my mom couldn't find something she needed... and she still didn't find it there - i grabbed a pack of pixar cars stickers for the scrapbook i'm working on of high school stuff. (heh, for my colorguard carwash page :P i thought it was cute. haa haa)
as i'm wandering, waiting for my mom, i was looking at their signs up front for classes they offer, to see if any interest me in any ways... i always see the classes that are painting scenery and such... and as much as i would LOVE to learn how to paint anything, i have too high of a stress level for that. haa haa. then, on the floor was a sign, somewhat tucked away under the table for "hairbow 101" as they called it.
for $50 i can learn how to make 10 different hairbows, they supply the materials as well as i'll get different worksheets of how to make them, as well as should bring a camera so i can photograph the steps.
it doesn't start until september, which is when i'm attending sac state, which was almost a bummer because of figuring out my class scheduale...
BUT! lo and behold. the class is two thursdays in september, and my classes are all monday/wednesday/friday. its just MEANT to be! although the 9am start time is going to be killer, i'll just have to treat it like i'm going to a sierra college class... for two days :P
there wasn't a sign up sheet or anything, so one of these days i'll have to head back to that store to see if there is more info... i tried to convince lisa to do it with me, but she doesn't think brett will justify the drive... i'll have to teach her my wealth of accquired hairbow knowledge... although we were trying to figure out a way not to bring lisa into the hairbow drama of modesto that is already there...
perhaps when their little peterson clan moves into a place of their own, we'll start our bow making :) i'll just have to build up a clientel here in loomis. i'm sure i could get amber... that little madison of hers is to die for :)
psst. ariana... when are you going to have that baby bethany said you would so i can spoil it? and it better be a girl :P
well that is alot of words...
i wish i had a picture to go with it... :P


  1. Wow. I knew you were intrigued by this bow class but I didn't realize you felt soo strongly. I truly wish I could take it with you the 9 a.m. info was very tempting but alas, I haven't got a car, and if I did, I haven't the money for gas, and if I did, I've got a wee one. Oh well. My time will come and you must take the pictures you mentioned so that you can most certainly teach me :)

  2. i've got a few people in the area that i know of that either have a baby girl, or are having a baby girl... and i'm hoping that maybe one of the craft fairs we potentially do later on we could get some going for that.
    it seems like the lady in your area seems to have a good following, and if i could somehow get that going, it would be amazing. esp if i'm teaching dance classes again, and could perhaps get some that way. who knows. :P

  3. Hahahaha. I need a man before I can have a child darling.
    But I will work on that for ya...somehow...?
    Hmm. How long is this class? I have classes at Sierra on Thursday at 11...I could join ya possibly..

  4. i think 9 to noon.
    i'll have to check.

    can't you have like a miracle baby?
    haa haa

  5. Craft fairs would be awesome! Esp. if you made some to bundle with my outfits!!
    If you could build up the follow Allison has. . .
    She was able to support her husband when he got laid off... if you get what I mean.

  6. wow.
    that is intense...
    i hope to come down on a weds sometime this next month so i can see this bow lady craze.
    haa haa