Thursday, June 4, 2009

craft fairs are in the works

well, last night a simple text turned into a large swarm of brainstorming.
me: hey, if i find a craft fair would you be interested in sharing a booth?
lisa: heck yes!
a few google searches later, i found the one i was looking for
and funny thing, its NOT the loomis eggplant festival.
october 3 is the bella vista high school craft fair
which has a fairly decent turn out as far as booths and shoppers go.
lisa searched a bit this morning, and found the site for the strawberry festival
which is in august, yet no info has really been posted.
we're taking serious thought into this bella vista one
applications are due this month, as well as photographs of our inventory.
[mind you lisa and i began cutting out pieces of bags pretty much at the same time... miles apart from each other... lol.]
hopefully we can pull something together in this next week or so.
well, enough to photograph and turn in with our application, as well get our sellers permits or whatever else we need. *sigh* time to get crafty :P
good thing i finished all my swap items last night
and they're boxed and ready to go for tomorrow.
alas, i'm now off to work, and hopefully will be able to get more things cut out tonight, and perhaps do some bags assembly line style
love - emily ann

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  1. Darn your blog for tricking me!
    Anyway. I willl soooooo be there to crash your fair[s]. [Or just drool a lot over your talent and spend money I won't have]