Saturday, June 6, 2009

sewing update

so i'm updating quick while waiting for the iron to heat up.
currently in the process of a bag - my outsides are together, i'm putting in the pocket, and about to do the snap and strap. from that point, just gotta get all the pieces together, and wha laa, we will have the first "by emily" listing on etsy.
that, plus the dino bag i made way back when, that i personally no longer attatched to. hah.
got fabric today to make some buzz lightyear bags, since my fabric i ordered came in the mail today. gotta love ebay ;)
hm. my zipper has gone MIA, so perhaps i should go look for that.
taa taa for now, and expect my next update to have some photos, and maybe even a link :P


  1. Yay! Go Em, How late were you up working, huh?

  2. 2:30...
    2 episodes of home improvement
    2 of the nanny
    and 1 of family matters :P
    gotta love nick@night