Friday, January 29, 2010

cake balls

step 1.
pull up bakerella's directions
step 2. make cake.
step 3. get cake gracefully in to bowl. i did this by cutting in to chunks and moving it block by block.
step 4. mush cake blocks in to cake massacre.
step 5. open, and mix frosting in to cake mush, to make an even messier mush.
step 6. get cake mush to a good consistency (i think i used too much frosting in cake mush mix)
step 7. scoop out small portions at a time, and roll in to balls. place ball of cake on to wax paper on a cookie sheet.
this is like the lather, rinse, repeat directions on your shampoo bottle... you do it until you are out of cake mush.
step 8. be grateful you are finally out of balls to roll...
because it took quite a long time, and made quite a mess. clean up like a mad man. refrigerate cake balls
now, in the original bakerella directions, these were directed to be cake pops. i changed course, and just let them be balls. i used the directions here to make the frosting coating you see in the final image. just follow the steps to make the "glaze" add the food coloring of your choice in to the mix for some color. it was supposed to be teal, but it definitely turned more blue than anything else. then dip your cake balls (after they've been in the fridge quite some time) in to the glaze. top off with some sprinkles, and you're good to go. i put mine back in the fridge. they are much better cold. warm, they turn in to a mess.

just ask the moms and kids that got to consume them. so there you have it, my quest in to making cake balls. as well, you also have a recent blog update on here... i doubt another one will be coming anytime soon, to be quite honest. i'm never in a crafty mood anymore. my life is 110% devoted to friends, photography, and work right now. until we meet again, this is emily signing off.