Sunday, October 3, 2010

What is In the Works:

Here's what is in the works from by emily, with love:
- beaded socks (and lots of them)
- baby quilt for a friend (its a surprise, so i can't name names yet)
- crocheted baby props - before baby boy peterson get photographed
and more exciting
- new selling experiment.
not sure how i like working with etsy to just have things sit and then expire.
so i'll be doing lots of product photographing, and hopefully have something to show for it in the next few weeks. stay tuned for more info!
p.s. you can see the detail shots from our bella vista craft fair 2010 over at my freeze frame blog! just follow the link!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

dino baby quilt

its finally complete! baby boy no name has his quilt ready for him when he makes his appearance in to the world next month. this was definitely meant to be a "baby" quilt... but considering the size it ended up, i am sure it will be good for much longer. at least i hope so!
this quilt was pretty much a team effort to get everything for. i initially bought what PROBABLY would have been enough fabric, but i made the mistake of keeping the fabric folded when i cut it out, and when i went to get all the pieces ready, half of them were cut going the opposite way. and then all 3 sacramento joanns stores were sold out of the fabric. so guess who got to help find fabric for her own baby quilt? lisa, thats who.
details of the dino pinwheely design. i'm VERY happy with how the front all pieced together. there wasn't much seam ripping involved, which ALWAYS makes for a happy emily. and it was just so darn CUTE.
the back has the same dinosaurs, on while, in rows. simple, but coordinated. i do have to give joann's fabrics my love for all their cute fabric, and coordinating prints... but they know i love them. when i don't buy photo stuff... i buy craft stuff.
thank you, vanna. you made for a wonderful model. now its just time to figure out what in the world to craft next! oh right. i have baby props to assemble before next month. silly me :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Safari Baby

i got a request from a favorite person of mine :) to make some baby related items. my best friend from growing up asked if she could commission me to make some items for her sister's baby shower. i've known jessica and her family since forever it seems, so i jumped at the opportunity to say yes! when i found out she was having a boy, it made me step out of the cutesy pink and purple kitty cat zone i found, and see what else i could create. and thus came the jungle/safari print. (please forgive the full quilt shots. nothing was doing it justice, but i felt it had to be included)

Monday, April 5, 2010

ariana's quilt

for ariana's 22nd bday, i decided she was in need of a quilt
mind you, the sheet that i based it all off of was bought some time last year to make her a quilt for christmas... i decided since christmas came and went, she would most definitely need one for her birthday (april 4th)
well, i managed to get it all together, piece by piece, and documented the whole process via my 365 project... therefore, she saw the quilt being pieced together, yet didn't know it was for her. i know, gotta love my sneaky ways. here are some photos of it for your enjoyment!

she love it :) so did her dog, and her mom. haha.
next up... well, i can't say. because its a bit more obvious than the last one. sorry, can't do any in progress photos during this one. but as soon as i have something else good, i will let you know :) maybe i'll post some cakes... once i get the E:// drive to show up again.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Too Cute to Pass Up

I blame the combination of 3 things.
joann's fabrics, discounts, and lisa being pregnant.
seriously, how could i NOT get this fabric?
initially i bought 3 yards of one fabic on tuesday...
i went back friday to get another3 yard allotment
but noooo. Joann's had to make the fabric be 60% off today, instead of not on sale so i could use my coupon. So yes, i jumped at the advantage, and bought the remainder of the matching fabric.
ensuring that lisa will have a boy. haha. lets hope that falls untrue.
i'm sure i have enough of the fabric to make matching quilts for lorelai and baby no-name if it is in fact a girl. my reciept was the best part i spent about $55 or so, but my savings was around $75. and technically, i only spent about 23, because i decided to finally bust out the visa giftcard i got for my birthday. i found this a very appropriate expenditure for that.
and now, i must not leave you yearning any longer. are you ready for the cuteness?
i said, are you READY for the CUTENESS?!
yeah, i wasn't ready for it when i first saw it either... i about died from the cuteness... and this was after a conversation with lisa about going to joanns and not wanting to buy fabric since i have nowhere to store it... and look what i went and did. haha.
on another note
we received information for bella vista's craft faire already, and we're already scheming ideas on how to make this year better. maybe we will get pity points for lisa being about 2 weeks to her due date and everyone will want to buy our stuff because of the baby-to-be. we are currently thinking up some new items to add to last year's combo of pettiskirts and bags. and thank goodness i won't need to be up till 2am the day before sewing bags. still have some from last year ;)
i've been feeling craftier lately, so perhaps there will be more updates on here. and maybe i'll get lisa to update hers more often. haha

Friday, January 29, 2010

cake balls

step 1.
pull up bakerella's directions
step 2. make cake.
step 3. get cake gracefully in to bowl. i did this by cutting in to chunks and moving it block by block.
step 4. mush cake blocks in to cake massacre.
step 5. open, and mix frosting in to cake mush, to make an even messier mush.
step 6. get cake mush to a good consistency (i think i used too much frosting in cake mush mix)
step 7. scoop out small portions at a time, and roll in to balls. place ball of cake on to wax paper on a cookie sheet.
this is like the lather, rinse, repeat directions on your shampoo bottle... you do it until you are out of cake mush.
step 8. be grateful you are finally out of balls to roll...
because it took quite a long time, and made quite a mess. clean up like a mad man. refrigerate cake balls
now, in the original bakerella directions, these were directed to be cake pops. i changed course, and just let them be balls. i used the directions here to make the frosting coating you see in the final image. just follow the steps to make the "glaze" add the food coloring of your choice in to the mix for some color. it was supposed to be teal, but it definitely turned more blue than anything else. then dip your cake balls (after they've been in the fridge quite some time) in to the glaze. top off with some sprinkles, and you're good to go. i put mine back in the fridge. they are much better cold. warm, they turn in to a mess.

just ask the moms and kids that got to consume them. so there you have it, my quest in to making cake balls. as well, you also have a recent blog update on here... i doubt another one will be coming anytime soon, to be quite honest. i'm never in a crafty mood anymore. my life is 110% devoted to friends, photography, and work right now. until we meet again, this is emily signing off.