Saturday, September 11, 2010

dino baby quilt

its finally complete! baby boy no name has his quilt ready for him when he makes his appearance in to the world next month. this was definitely meant to be a "baby" quilt... but considering the size it ended up, i am sure it will be good for much longer. at least i hope so!
this quilt was pretty much a team effort to get everything for. i initially bought what PROBABLY would have been enough fabric, but i made the mistake of keeping the fabric folded when i cut it out, and when i went to get all the pieces ready, half of them were cut going the opposite way. and then all 3 sacramento joanns stores were sold out of the fabric. so guess who got to help find fabric for her own baby quilt? lisa, thats who.
details of the dino pinwheely design. i'm VERY happy with how the front all pieced together. there wasn't much seam ripping involved, which ALWAYS makes for a happy emily. and it was just so darn CUTE.
the back has the same dinosaurs, on while, in rows. simple, but coordinated. i do have to give joann's fabrics my love for all their cute fabric, and coordinating prints... but they know i love them. when i don't buy photo stuff... i buy craft stuff.
thank you, vanna. you made for a wonderful model. now its just time to figure out what in the world to craft next! oh right. i have baby props to assemble before next month. silly me :)

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  1. haha, that's an amazing quilt!! i want oneeee :) xxx