Thursday, August 5, 2010

Safari Baby

i got a request from a favorite person of mine :) to make some baby related items. my best friend from growing up asked if she could commission me to make some items for her sister's baby shower. i've known jessica and her family since forever it seems, so i jumped at the opportunity to say yes! when i found out she was having a boy, it made me step out of the cutesy pink and purple kitty cat zone i found, and see what else i could create. and thus came the jungle/safari print. (please forgive the full quilt shots. nothing was doing it justice, but i felt it had to be included)


  1. Oh yeah, I am soo loving all of this. Just for the future you might want to make the tie a tad shorter. The end of it will be in baby boys briches unless its the dead heat of summer. But other than that the fabric is super fabulous and I love how the quilt pattern turned out.

  2. yeah,
    the tie was a pattern i had to fudge and come up with just to try and get the right shape. lots of measuring and rulering on the back of wonder under
    so perhaps the next one will be better perfected, now that i have the basic shape... somewhere...