Monday, April 5, 2010

ariana's quilt

for ariana's 22nd bday, i decided she was in need of a quilt
mind you, the sheet that i based it all off of was bought some time last year to make her a quilt for christmas... i decided since christmas came and went, she would most definitely need one for her birthday (april 4th)
well, i managed to get it all together, piece by piece, and documented the whole process via my 365 project... therefore, she saw the quilt being pieced together, yet didn't know it was for her. i know, gotta love my sneaky ways. here are some photos of it for your enjoyment!

she love it :) so did her dog, and her mom. haha.
next up... well, i can't say. because its a bit more obvious than the last one. sorry, can't do any in progress photos during this one. but as soon as i have something else good, i will let you know :) maybe i'll post some cakes... once i get the E:// drive to show up again.


  1. I'm lovin' how your quilt turned out. The front looks so great but I really love the back too :)

  2. omgomg i love it! =D i have to fight for it though. my dog wraps himself up in it and glares at me if i come too close. jerk.