Saturday, April 3, 2010

Too Cute to Pass Up

I blame the combination of 3 things.
joann's fabrics, discounts, and lisa being pregnant.
seriously, how could i NOT get this fabric?
initially i bought 3 yards of one fabic on tuesday...
i went back friday to get another3 yard allotment
but noooo. Joann's had to make the fabric be 60% off today, instead of not on sale so i could use my coupon. So yes, i jumped at the advantage, and bought the remainder of the matching fabric.
ensuring that lisa will have a boy. haha. lets hope that falls untrue.
i'm sure i have enough of the fabric to make matching quilts for lorelai and baby no-name if it is in fact a girl. my reciept was the best part i spent about $55 or so, but my savings was around $75. and technically, i only spent about 23, because i decided to finally bust out the visa giftcard i got for my birthday. i found this a very appropriate expenditure for that.
and now, i must not leave you yearning any longer. are you ready for the cuteness?
i said, are you READY for the CUTENESS?!
yeah, i wasn't ready for it when i first saw it either... i about died from the cuteness... and this was after a conversation with lisa about going to joanns and not wanting to buy fabric since i have nowhere to store it... and look what i went and did. haha.
on another note
we received information for bella vista's craft faire already, and we're already scheming ideas on how to make this year better. maybe we will get pity points for lisa being about 2 weeks to her due date and everyone will want to buy our stuff because of the baby-to-be. we are currently thinking up some new items to add to last year's combo of pettiskirts and bags. and thank goodness i won't need to be up till 2am the day before sewing bags. still have some from last year ;)
i've been feeling craftier lately, so perhaps there will be more updates on here. and maybe i'll get lisa to update hers more often. haha


  1. haha, what a dig. I've got two post coming this week so poo poo on you!

  2. well i'm sure i'll have another after tonight... since i will be able to post one. haha.
    and perhaps a few cake ones as well.
    so poo poo back on you!