Monday, July 25, 2011

Stash Buster Quilt - Progress

Whelp, two nights of ironing and cutting so far, and it seems as if the stash pile hasn't changed much! The amount that has gone BACK in to the fabric tub seems to drastically changed - as in not much has gone back in! I still have a whole lot more to cut! Here is a quick snap shot as I counted out the squares in piles of 10 to see how many I had so far after night two. 136 so far! A few are duplicates of the same print, but where i couldn't decide between which I wanted, so i made both! For example, I couldn't decide between the bunny and kitty picking cherries, or the bunny feeding the kitty cherries. Truth be told, i totally DID have fabric with such activities happening! WHY i bought it in the first place... I really don't know. But I guess in the next few nights, we'll embark on how many more squares I'll have after the 136 marker.
And if I ever get motivated, I might come up with a more creative name for this blog... Now that I might actually start using it again. Because right now, it sounds like a giant ball of cheesy lame-ness.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

making things happen

THIS is my mess. My box(es) of fabrics I have collected over the years that needs some serious SOS... I've been so technology plugged in with working on my business, I haven't had much to work on otherwise. That's where this hot mess comes in. I'm about to embark on probably the biggest pain of an adventure than I can think of at the moment. Every fabric is going to become part of a quilt. ONE 3" square per fabric. That's it. The goal is to help reduce the mass amounts of "bits & pieces" fabrics I have, while still putting them together... AND help me do SOMETHING not attatched to a computer.

I'll try and so some sort of check in every so often, so that this blog gets going again. Hopefully... In the end, perhaps I'll enlist Lisa to help me quilt this bad boy with her machine quilting skills. Until next time, I'm off to do some happy stash busting.