Saturday, October 10, 2009

bella vista 2009

heres some photos from our craft fair last weekend.
ya know, the lack of sleep i'm still trying to recover from?
hahthis first photo goes to show the time of early-ness that we arrived.
taken an hour after we got there, 6:30 am.
still dark. still cold. and setting up tarp
here enters our time of labor needing to finish some things before the fair started.
we were generally all set up by 7 or so
and since i didn't get a fair amount of my bag holes sewn
(well, i could have if i wanted to pull an all nighter... but i felt like i needed that hour and a half of sleep that i did get...) you can see our booth in its entirety of loveliness
and lisa, sewing herself a quilt of my bags
view one of our booth.
the pettiskirt zone.
those things pretty much ate the table alive.
view two.
the chaos known as bag land.
seriously people... you had so many options...
why couldn't you buy atleast ONE that you came through and got your grimy hands all over?
view three.
flowers and scripture cases.
i think of the ones she sold
only two of the flowers went to kids.
one went to an adult.
and the other to my tweenage sister.
and here we all, in our booth of loveliness.
sure its not fancy schmancy like the soup smelling booth next to us
or shiney like the jewlery to the opposing side.
but for our first booth at our first craft fair
its pretty darn good. and served its purpose
i finally decided to start gearing up for our next craft fair.
although, i still slack at filling out the application to send to lisa.
(i'll try to remember to do that tomorrow)
but i have begun the square cutting of the flannel fabrics for rag quiltage.
the difference that a new rotary blade makes... haa haa
time to get back to that.