Thursday, June 25, 2009

what a week

i don't have any "i remember when..." moments
but since this week has been quite a hard hit for the celebrity type.
heres a moment in memory of ed mcmahon, farrah fawcett, and michael jackson.
and as for today,
my inital plan was to get bags cut out
and perhaps even pieced together.
instead, i came home and scrapbooked...
and mastered running random things through my xyron sticker makers
today's object of interest...
haa haa. this silly little plastic snake [who after texting kasey, determined for some reason we named him rupert] that i don't even recall the orgin of, but he was a running theme of sophomore year of high school. i decided, that since i kept finding him on my floor each and every time i cleaned my room, i decided it was about time to find him a stable home... aka my high school scrap book page...
see the creativity? he makes the "s" in "sup?"
hah. brilliant i know.
yeah, it was one of those happy accidents... since i had the S cut out originally... just my piece to put it on wouldn't fit it.... darn P being so large. so theres my little crafty update... i'm off to the gym now, so that i can return home to watch so you think you can dance's result show commercial free...
man, i love dvr.


  1. You my dear, are a dork. Same with Kasey.
    Cute little snake though.

  2. haa haa.
    we indeed were dorks...
    and i guess still are... haa

  3. i want a DVR so bad. Nice snake.

  4. Totally random but just popped into my head. I think the 11th for Marine World will work for me.

  5. I wanna go to marine world!