Friday, June 12, 2009

we all live in a yellow submarine

well... FINALLY the bags are done...
insert sigh of relief. although, the strap on my bag is crooked.
oh well. and that was even after taking it out and redoing it once.
annoying part of bag 1 - view a's rounded corners...
NOT fun to sew at all. but hey, it doesn't look bad... in my opinion.
my goal was to have both sides of the bag to look the same (heads on the right, "the beatles" on the left...) yeah. my mistake when cutting out the pieces. but it looks fab anyways :P
inside pocket has the beatles heads print inside, and the strap (attatched with D rings) had "the beatles" all over print. nice and roomy. also has magnetic snap.
i've concidered making another one of these bags,
but i'll have to figure out when i'll have patience to do another one. haa haa
those corners kill me!
i'm determined to figure out a way to maybe do an alteration on the bag.
perhaps squared corners... lol. idk.

now, on to my bag :)
each strip is a different buzz lighyear print...
well, more or less
6 different fabrics, 2 doubled up.
the outside two are from the same fabric - dark blue background
looks like individuals of buzz and zurg (left over from my window seat cushion fabric)
that took some creative cutting for sure :P
i wanted to try and get as much buzz in the triangle i could.
some fit better than others... lol and have the same "pose"
other than that, some creative arrangement of the strips
and whaa laa, amazing laptop sized carrying bag :)
simple black lining, pocket is one of the coordinating buzz prints.
now if only i had somewhere to take my laptop to and show off my bag. haa haa.
i may have to make another one of these to list on our etsy site. :P
i bought some other fabric to do some different variations on bags using buzz lightyear fabrics, as well as need to make a quilt of all my different lightyear prints. haa haa
so you can see the itty bit-ness of my laptop in comparison to this bag :P
on other notes
got my cricut cartridge alphalicious the other day,
as well as won lyrical letters font on ebay today.
lovely day off from work .
do i really have to go tomorrow?


  1. Work today party tonight!

    I love love love that Buzz bag! You did such a great job. I think the comic strip fabric is my favorite.

    I also love that you used the word 'fab' when describing the Beatles bag. Lol Nice Nice stuff. Here's to another good showcase day!

  2. i just bought 3 more yards of the comic strip fabric off ebay :)
    defn one of my faves.

    yay for partying it up in modesto :D
    i'm home, and getting everything packed up and ready to go now :D

  3. oooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    SUPER cute! I love!! Well both bags really, but that buzz one is to diiiiie for! Haha your laptop is freaking adorable too!