Friday, June 19, 2009

my header

not the picture i was going for...
but it shall do.
my original plan didn't work out
on another note
all scrapbook pages in progress have a background
well, making them a page instead of just pictures in the sleeve
(not to forget to mention that i have ALL photos present and accounted for)
so perhaps tonight i can get some pages totally done.
since i got my lyrical letters font the other day :)

and now, i shall leave you.
and go to the gym.
i spent lots of money today... lol


  1. Yay money! ...I wish I had some =/
    You need to stay off of ebay. haha

    and dang it, because I keep forgetting to ask-what did you get from your craftster partner??

  2. i havent recieved my package yet.
    still waiting...

    i do need to stay off ebay...
    i shouldn't be looking for cartridges for awhile... atleast until the book is finished :P

  3. Your banner makes me chuckle, but I love it. What were you originally going for?

  4. just my feet in between the cricut and the sewing machine with my star shoes on.
    i'll prob redo it when i find a better place with no grass to photograph it.
    i tried it on our porch steps, but didn't like it.

  5. lol! Good luck staying off of Ebay.
    Whoa. you still haven't recieved? Didn't she say she was finished just waiting for you to get back from Disney..?
    I thought that you had just forgotten to catch me up on it, and I had forgotten to ask..

  6. i recieved my package today actually.
    haa haa.
    theres a few things in there i like...
    otherwise, i tend to be picky
    and prob won't use some of the things.
    my mom did dub it a better outcome compared to my last one though

  7. a pillow, a little book, a picture frame, a box, a car magnet, a sticker, and a tank top...
    i'm sure i'm missing a thing or two.
    but the tank top is awesome...
    i'll have to wear it tomorrow to pictures :P