Wednesday, June 17, 2009

numbers. the before...

so i posted a photo (scissors bag) and a link to our etsy on
not just one...
or two...
or three.
but nine different live journal communities.
so HOPEFULLY *fingers crossed* our view amounts will jump up.
so as of now, before i go to before i go to bed, here are the numbers:
lady bug peasant blouse - 9
beatles tote bag - 16
pleated dino purse - 26
scissors tote - 16
she's wild - 21
bekah's skirt - 40
lorelai's top - 43
claire's top - 58
zebra tote - 22

and i have another reader!
well, two perhaps.
i see amy on my followers list
and kayleigh claims to have started stalking me.
haa haa
went to hancock fabric today
and boy was it heaven!
bought some cute angelina ballerina fabric i've never seen at any of our stores
aka joanns or beverleys
and some fabric to make a friend of mine a bag
i cannot mention because they potentially may read this. lol.
but its for her birthday, which is a ways away... haa haa
yes, i plan ahead.
i've already begun preperations for ariana's christmas gift :P
trying to make it so i'm not giving out christmas gifts mid january this year
haa haa
yeah, i'm a rebel when it comes to that sort of thing. haa haa.
gotta find the fabric i want to find to make jenny the ipod case i wanted to test out
-i LOVE having a good reason to try out a pattern... and it not being for me :D-
and yes, i enjoy using my friends as walking advertisements...
so far i've heard no complaints from that though haa haa
just now gotta get some business cards going.
well, i should head off to bed... i gotta work tomorrow. craptastic.
girls night tomorrow... aka four of us eating at fresh choice and having some smack talking time. lol
this next paycheck should be a mighty fine one.
i can see fabric stores in my future... :)


  1. actually am one of ur stalkers :/
    i saw ur bags in one of ur posts. they r great so i follow u publicly. u very good in sewing.

  2. Do you have 9 different live journal accounts? I guess I'll suck it up and at least start advertising us on facebook. I'm scurrd


    Also. I saw a shirt today at Goodwill with a sketchy Elmo on it and I was very tempted to buy it for you. I don't even think you like Elmo, but you would have liked THIS Elmo. And you know how Goodwill is, you'll never find the same thing again.


  4. Whoo. Go you Emily!
    Kayleigh! I know you! Muhwhaha. I've never heard the word 'pretty' to describe elmo before.

  5. ephyra - thanks for the compliments!
    it means a lot to me

    lisa - i have two (now one, because this is replacing the other) livejournal accounts, but the nine different things are communities that a bunch of users join to share things on different topics. i have more than 9 communities i'm in in regards to crafting and sewing, but those 9 are all ones about selling your items :)

    kayleigh - lol thanks :D i'm more of a classic sesame street kinda gal. none of this silly elmo's world pish posh. :) although hearing elmo and pretty in the same sentence sounds interesting. lol. erika on the other hand, she liked elmo. idk if she still does...

    ariana - good to know i'm not the only one not hearing "pretty elmo" as a phrase before. lol