Wednesday, June 10, 2009

really, i am making progress...

photograph: items i made for the disney swap round 9 on craftster. my partner recived so i can now show off all the items. 5 tshirts for her kids, 2 rag quilts for her younger girls, and a bag for her. not photographed is the california adventure pin as well as the magnet i purchased for her while in the parks on my vacation - she lives in florida :)
i swear, i really am working on bags... time has just gotten away from me
i probably could have gotten more done last night, but decided to have an intense message conversation with a certain friend of mine. won't mention names because this blog isn't about that sort of thing. its about crafty-ness. yeah, so anyways. that, plus moulin rouge on didn't help much.
today i got the outsides of both bags pieced together before i left the house this afternoon to go to beverlys - and once i got to the register i found that i had left my debit card at home, along with my license... good thing i have the bank of america card on me... needless to say i now owe my dad 17 dollars for my scrapbook paper purchasing. *sigh* heh. did the top stitching on the beatles bag, after drawing multiple chalk lines of where i needed to stitch
came home later tonight after the dance recital rehersal my mom convinced me to go with her to, and got the top stitching on my bag done - within inches of running out of invisible thread (my mom used some on a costume)
so as of this moment, both bags have the outsides done. need to do the pocket/zipper part tomorrow so i can assemble the linings, as well as do the strap and snap. *sigh* so much to do, so little time. tomorrow i work at 3, thursday i have sac state orientation.
oh life... can't it slow down for once?
today was not long enough.
oh, and i faxed in mine & lisa's sellers permit applications.
hopefully it was the correct place to fax it to.


  1. Lol, I like the Mickey dude shirt. His bandanna is funny.

    You are killing with mentioning but not mentioning names. I'm too nosy for my own good.

    I bet you would have had much more time today if you hadn't gone to the huge chunk of time recital rehearsal :) Did you use the invisible thread for the top stitching? If you are talking about the view A I get it. For view C I did darker colors for the top stitching. (gosh just talking about it I'm getting excited for nap/ sew time!

    I thought I was sure to rung out of invisible thread three bags ago so I had my mom grab some when she stopped at Joanns and I still haven't run out. Crazy stuff. Is it sulky? I'd loan you my second one if I could :)

    oh, and thanks for faxing those!

  2. yeah, i kinda wish i had taken the sewing machine with me to rehersals. i literally did nothing the whole time. i used invisible thread for the top stitching on all of them, and then switched back to black for attatching the pieces together.
    i don't know if its sulky brand... i want to say the stuff we have is gutermann, or whatever that brand is. long skinny spool

    lol. he's a pirate mickey.
    if you look close at the bandana print, you'll see simba. haa haa. i didn;t have any fabric that would make a good eyepatch :/

  3. Super cute! I'm so jealous of your package! I wish mine was half as good. Crap I need to mail those. Hopefully I can make it to the post office today! So much to doooo!

    What convo did you have with a certain someone? Was I told about this..?

  4. im pretty sure i told you
    or atleast tried to...
    i think our phones aren't speaking to each other]cuz seriously, i've been texting you the last 24+ hours and no reply at all