Monday, June 22, 2009

room cleaning :)

after coming home from grandmas house today
got a HUGE amount of my room cleaned up...
which means... *insert trumpet fanfare*
i can freely spread out and scrapbook.
heh, i even vacuumed up all my little photo corners strewn about
which means i'll have even more across the floor.
haven't taken the trash out, but its all confined in one area.
laundry is actually all put away, minus whats in the hamper
but that is saying something. haa haa.
oh, and it turns out my two rolls of batting i bought...
yeah, i already had 2 normal sized ones, three crib sized ones, and scraps...
so i have batting like nobody's business...
at gma's house today, lisa and i decided to go anti picture people on our photo update...
-shoot... 9 bucks a sheet versus .17 cents for two wallets via sams club-
so my dad took our pics in the back yard.
our shirts kinda theme to our personality/movie loves (and my constant wardrobe)
and so without further adieu, here is the updated photos :)here is your standard picture people pose...
although our original was taken at qimage or something like thatmy bangs look a bit whack, but what can you do?
this is our remake with a slight alteration...
the image this one is based off of, i'm not even 6 months old
as well, i'm sitting on lisa's lap in the original...
we decided grandma's swing, which has been through plenty of grandkids, and more to come, would suffice :)
so there you have it,
the photo, as well as the room update.
so hopefully this week, we'll have some crafty update.
i head down to modesto tomorrow night to talk crafty with lisa
and to overall hang out through tuesday evening :)
good times, good times


  1. Well there you have it! I am quite pleased with how these turned out if I do say so myself. I like both but I do think I like the Q image the best. I'm thinking that will be the one to go on on our Etsy banner. We can create that when you come. Speaking of which! I've got a lot to do before you get here enough commenting for now!

    Check this blog out I bet you'll like it.

  3. i'm assuming you mean the Q image remake?
    since i prefer how we look now over french braids :P i like that one more too, my bangs aren't out of whack. haa haa. i'll bring my camera, as well as put the edited photos on my laptop so we can play with them.
    and i'll be sure to check out that blog momentarily :)

    thanks kayleigh!