Thursday, June 4, 2009

this is me updating on my little bitty of a laptop my dad brought home for me
came home with a box yesterday, said "if you don't like it, theres 100 people in line to buy it"
and so i took it...
well, after joshua set up the network for me so i can get internet :P
hah, thats the most he's allowed to touch it.
first thing i thought when i looked at it...
"what kind of cute carrying case can i make for that?"
lol. and thinking about it...
i'm pretty sure the bags lisa and i have begun making might fit it nicely.
i didn't get a change to try it in the one i finished before i boxed it up to mail.
so once i get the next one(s) done, i can see if it works :P
with that said, lisa and i have begun craft fair crafting
so we will have some form of inventory to photograph for our application.
alas, i had to cease my crafting in order to go to work today...
tomorrow is a day off, so hopefully things will get done.
even though i ran out of fabric. lol
and interfacing is nearing its end...
bum bum buuuum


  1. yay for little lap tops that fit in wicked awesome Lis and Em bags! They are 15"W and 11" D

  2. it should definetly fit then.
    its maybe 12 inches, maybe a little more....