Sunday, June 7, 2009

to infinity, and beyond!

well, here i am on the floor, updating while taking a fabric cutting break.
i decided to make myself a buzz lightyear bag for this itty bit of a laptop
and instead of doing buzz lightyear print alternating with a different color like the original plan
for my bag i opted to do all 8 strips as buzz lightyear print.
now i'm sure you're thinking "wouldnt that be a bit repetative?"
of course not! not when i have 6 different buzz lightyear prints!
haa haa. yes, i love my buzz lightyear fabric :D
as of tonight, i plan to just do some fabric cutting, and then start assembling tomorrow after i'm home from work - i also need to get more magnetic snaps for these bags.
i've got piles of fabric around me, so i should prob get back to cutting.
hopefully, if all goes well, i'll have a bag or two photographed and uploaded tomorrow night for your viewing pleasure


  1. I think that one for every stripe is a great idea!

  2. im not sure if i'm going to do it for the "to sell" bags. i may do it for one.
    but still need to make sure i have enough fabric for my quilt :P

  3. I can NOT wait to see this bag!

  4. i'm so stoked.
    i got the front pieced together today
    and i'm in love...
    my laptop is going to ride in style