Friday, June 19, 2009

getting my work cut out for me

boy do i love fabric stores :)
went to beverleys, michaels and joanns (not the one at our end of the freeway)
and got some things for ariana's christmas gift
as well as some minnie mouse fabric for the wee one
- i havent seen any in forever... and just had to :P -
at michaels got a refill for my sticker maker
and a box to put my paper stacks in...
gotta get my room organized somewhat.
so that maybe i can focus, and get more than a page and a half of scrapbook done in one sit down.
heh. perhaps tomorrow night, or next week i'll be able to clean some things up.
i have an idea of what to do to make a banner for this blog, and make it a bit more exciting :)
but that would require setting up a still life of sorts... lol
thank goodness tomorrow is pay day.
and coupons at joanns day.
haa haa
gotta give our joanns a shot, and then perhaps bust out some bags as well.
just gotta scope out what fabrics i have to combine.
since i really don't want to buy anymore at this moment...
haa haa.
i'm off to bed.
gotta be at work at 9:20.


  1. Lorelai is very excited to see this minnie mouse fabric put to use.
    I think its funny that you claim to not want to buy anymore fabric right now because we all know that deep down thats not true haa haa.

  2. very true.
    i try to tell myself lies...
    but alas, they fail...
    haa haa.

  3. So what was your original intent for the header? Since apparently it didn't work out. Which scrapbook are you working on? Still Kacey's?

  4. just my feet inbetween the sewing machine and cricut. the grass was sticking up odd in those ones... i'll have to retry it sometime...
    yep. still kaseys scrapbook.
    got a TON of pages still to do. ha ha