Friday, June 19, 2009

shopping overhaul

well, here is the fabric purchasing of this past week. lol. not including the scrapbook stuff, scissors, batting and bag supplies i also got. heh. thank goodness i got paid today... lol
i figured the angelina ballerina fabric would be good to combine together and market as children's dance shoe bags... i have patterns that would be a perfect size for those little ballet and tap shoes. the airforce fabric is to make some bags like my buzz lightyear one. i concidered getting more military division fabrics while i was there, but lacked money at the time being. minnie mouse is for lorelai, of course :) i hadn't seen any in quite some time, and so decided to pick some up and use my 50% off coupon on it :P buzz lightyear, well... need i say more? hah. kinda just picked up some because i had another coupon i prob wouldn't have for awhile. and the solid colors are just to have as back up bag pieces. in case i have some fabrics i need a slight solid color match for... it was on sale... so i couldn't resist... haa haa
well, didn't get any scrapping done today... hopefully sunday. tomorrow is dance recital for everyone in my fam. i'm on photo duty since i'm not teaching or dancing this year... perhaps i should find some more memory cards just incase... they're in a case in my room... somewhere


  1. I love the minnie mouse fabric! I just can't wait! I'm sorry we aren't coming up for recital but we def are coming up on Sunday!

    Man I wish I could buy some fabric!

  2. its all good.
    i prob won't be doing much sitting in one spot at recital. lol
    sunday will be more enjoyable anyways :P
    the other minnie fabric was cute too, i just don't know what i would do with it... it was a bit too busy for clothing, and couldn't think of a bag patter to do for it... just yet ;)

  3. I love that angelina ballerina fabric! I've never seen anything like it before, its totally cute!
    And of course being like the biggest fan on minnie-I love that!

  4. haa haa
    i havent seen it before ever
    and loooooove it
    so i had to buy some of each :D