Monday, July 6, 2009

mosquito bites.

i don't have any fancy pictures.
just a quick update.
i have the fabric pieces to 6 bags all cut out
(still need to do interfacing and padding)
but other than that, i have some pieces for a different style bag (like my beatles one)
as well as three different divisions of military i need to cut out
-airforce, army & marines. i wasn't fond of the navy prints i found so eventually i need to look online for those, and possibly even the coast guard-
i'm able to cut out some more of all the bags except for buzz lightyear, and have some black and white color schemed cat bags to do (my mom bought the fabric for those, so i guess i gotta do a few of those...)
tomorrow i'll be photographing amber's baby madison for her to do some 8 month photos. a few more dollars in the pocket, but hey atleast she's a cutie. i'll prob head off to bed once this episode of malcom in the middle ends, since i have to wake up and be there by 10:30. haa haa yeah, early.
and i started teaching dance again last friday, and pretty much teach every day this week, whether its assisting the classes i'll sub next week, subbing classes this week (starting weds) or working with the class i'll eventually be taking over.
honestly, at this point, i'm doubting going back to picture people all together. i need that change to move forward now. i already had to take one step backwards to working at joanna's again. i don't need to take two and end up back at joanna's AND picture people again.


  1. Good job on the purse cutting out! and Dance is dance You may not be moving forward techniqually speaking but I wouldn't consider it moving backwards either. Dance massively shaped who you are now even if it isn't your main focus.
    I was just looking at our picture over there --> and its kinda funny that growing up I had bangs and you did not and its switched around in the pic :)

  2. so true.
    and boy, i wish these bags would just sew themselves!