Monday, July 6, 2009

you must have been a beautiful baby.

well, i'd consider photography a craft.
so here is your first sampling of today's photo shoot.
sure she's not happy giggly smiley in this one.
but i'm such a sucker for babies who look deep in thought, leaving you wondering as to what she's doing, thinking, etc.
madison wasn't in an overly smiley mood today, but between the outfits, there was a fair amount of smiles, or at least pleasant looks. my only disappointment, after the fact, was that there wasn't a "perfect" spot that was totally shady and nicely lit... i had forgotten my dad's flash at home. grumble grumble.
well, with enough editing, i should be able to make them look good :)
the second outfit didn't turn out well at all, in my opinion. but hopefully i can save something in the mix...
i'm off to work now. time for a lovely drive to natomas.


  1. this contemplative baby is very cute. did you provide the tutu?

  2. she actually made the tutu herself.
    it was from her easter outfit.
    its a different style of tutu than the ones i made for my photo project, but still very cute :)