Wednesday, July 22, 2009

photo bag update

i'm brilliant. what can i say?
well, after 95 8x10s complete, i was finally able to get the photo bag underway.
and after going with the input of those that gave it... aka my only two consistent reader/commentators, i now have the outsides all pieced together.
i went with the first photo option, the black and white one, as well as wrapped the pattern alternation around to the back side.
i'd love to show you all, but i'd rather you ooh and aah at the final product in its completion :)
i was having a hard time stopping, but figured i should let my brilliance take a rest, and go to bed.
and let me just tell you. doing one bag at a time is much more satisfying than 8. i still haven't completely finished those 8 bags... i was able to insert snaps into those that i had initially forgot - and also cannot find the snaps that i recently purchased. must mean that i need another joanns trip so that i can buy new ones, and then the original ones will show up. isn't that how it always works? lol.
once i finish this photo bag, the second one for megan should be a piece of cake... once i find a photo i like.. she needs to put some engagement photos on facebook like suzanne did. that made my life a whole heck of a lot easier :)


  1. lol. I love the excitement in this post. I love that feeling when I am on a sewing high and have the hardest time stopping myself. I notice you posted this about the same time that I was getting back to bed thanks to screamy MCscreamerson. That was not fun I'll tell you what!
    I made mine and rachels bags simultaneously and them my mom and aunts one at a time and I found that the one at a timers went faster and were more rewarding, and they probably went faster because they were more rewarding.
    But Congrats on those snaps! Thats quite a feat. good luck finding more!

  2. its such a bummer, because i know i have more...
    its just where did i put the darn things :/
    and oddly enough
    the batting wasn't a pain to cut this time.
    which, of course, was amazing. :)