Sunday, July 12, 2009

last night's inspiration

here is my doodle of three different bag ideas, featuring a photo, or two. i got the idea to do these for bridal shower gifts for the two girls i'll be going to showers for in the next month, as well as once i have them done, list them on our shop as samples of custom items that can be made. might also do one of kasey and don as a sample as well, and use their "first kiss" photo. let me know which of the three fronts you like best. the back would all be solid instead of the striped like usual. you may need to click on the picture to see it better


  1. I like idea 3 but I'm not really a fan of the blank back side. I think the patterned fabrics should just wrap all the way around. Otherwise clever idea.

  2. idk. i feel like it might be too busy if i had a picture on one side
    and the a patterned back on the other.
    idk... i'm undecided. i might do two different views, since i have two bags to make.
    one is going to be yellow/gray...
    i was told those were her wedding colors.
    idk about the other one yet... the sooner one... :P

  3. yellow/gray? thats...unique.

  4. I agree, third one is my favorite as well.
    Actually I agree on all counts. I think the pattern should wrap around back. And yellow/gray are weird color combos for a wedding.

  5. you both are cramping my style...