Thursday, July 23, 2009

don't wanna close my eyes.. i don't want to fall asleep

(sorry. the aerosmith lyric just seemed a perfect title. hah)
front and backs are all pieced together
strap is done
lining has pocket sewn and pulled through
(no zipper yet)
i want to sew... but tomorrow is a crazy day.
observing 2 dance classes
driving to my cousin ben's house so he can escort me to the next community center
wait an hour, and observe 2 more dance classes
and then come home.
i'll prob take my laptop with me
and hope for internet at this second community center.
or... *shock* take a book and read.
i don't want to sleep.
i want to SEW
*grumble grumble*


  1. Don't I know the feeling! How was dance observing? Sewing and sleep, they are nearly pretty much equal in my book. :)

  2. eh, it was pretty lame.
    i am not super excited to take over these classes
    thats for sure.