Monday, July 13, 2009

lies... to ariana that is

i told ariana i was going to bed...
well, that was the original plan.
and once i got to my room, and lugged the clothes bin that has been hovering in my room for over a week (i need to put laundry away like nobody's business) i decided i needed to show off my three m's of today's scrapbookage... since i got little top stitching done on my bags (even with that said, i have 2 outsides totally done, and the other 6 in progress through my sewing machine... literally they are still in the machine)
so here we have the M's
the mess
sticker maker, corner rounder, glue, sticker squares...
the sticky neccesities
the machine
best dicut machine i've purchased...
wait, its the only one.
and its sidekick, the juke box
the masterpiece(s)
these are the 6 pages i knocked out today when i shut myself in my room while everyone else watched disturbia in the living room. the original plan was to work chronologically through the book to catch up to now... yeah, that didn't work so well. the first 4 are in sequential order (2004) and then we jump forward 4 and a half years to october 31, 2008, skipping the pages for my birthday (november 08) and on to january 09... and yes, i HAD to use a vanilla ice lyric for the ice skating page... haa.
perhaps at some point, when these pages are all said and done, i'll scan each one of them, and make a photobucket album of all my lovely little scrapbook pages. i can just tell this is going to be one fat and happy little 8x8 album.
btw, the title, because the front of the album has one of those picture slots, is going to be "to germany, with love"
cute, i know :)


    you LIED to me! =(
    That's ok. I guess I can forgive you....

  2. thanks :)
    i feel special being forgiven by you :D