Saturday, July 25, 2009

baggage claim

there is the "family" of 8 bags all done one after the other.
and they were so much stress... only 3 of them have the holes sewn shut (i don't remember why i only stopped there) but there you have it.
5 of them are listed on etsy and the remaining 3 will come soon.
i rephotographed all of them, since my photos last time were just so that i would have photos. so i shall swap out the photos later tonight, as well as upload the remaining 3, once we get home from grandmas and a potential joann's trip for a yellow 7" zipper.
still no sign of life from bella vista. :( i'd really like to hear already, you craft faire people you...
oh. and i finished the first photo bag. i'm brilliant. love it.
and once i show you all, you shall be jealous. it not as sturdy as i'd like it to be, due to the interfacing i bought, but its pretty good looking if i do say so myself :) still waiting for megan's wedding announcement to show up so i can steal her engagement photo off there.
i need to get engaged so i can make one of these suckers for myself. haa haa
next week = 2 bridal showers and a wedding. plus working weds -> sat. yay money. no yay to commuting.

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  1. Oh yeah, those dance bags are wicked cute. Love them. A lot. Those engagement bags are going to be such a huge hit at the showers.