Thursday, July 16, 2009

sew... a needle pulling thread.

yes. its 3am.
such is my life.
but with that said, i have made progress.
the bags actually look like bags for the most part
well, the 5 i have near completion.
all that remains is top stitching the lining/outer piece
and sewing the hole in the lining i used to flip them through.
the remaining 3 bags all have their zipper intact.
need to get more interfacing to do the other half of the inside
the snaps are all ready to go once i get the pieces together
and then its just assembling the linings as a whole, and then attaching the outers to the innards for those.
and once those are finished, i can list all of them, and begin the rag quilts, and bridal shower gifts. i technically have 2 weeks from what is now today (thursday) to complete the first bag, and then the second one is two days later. oh snap. wow. just realized that. haa haa
taa taa.
its bedtime for me

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