Monday, August 31, 2009

baby shower bag

i've got about 35 minutes left to kill before my final class
i have my laptop on campus, so i may as well update this now.
haa haa.
this bag was such an up and down situation.
i was going to do it, set out, got the fabric.
and then life happened.
work, megan's wedding reception, cake baking, dance portraits, music circus and kasey's bbq all in one weekend. so that made me decide i was not going to do it.
i was not going to get it done. period. end of discussion.
fast forward to friday... i decided i was going to make the bag... at 2:00pm.
i had to leave for work by three. had to search for the pattern. luckily i generally got everything cut out before i left. came home, went to the gym, and then to denny's with kasey.
now its midnight... i started pinning and sewing. 4 1/2 hours later, i was done with the bag and all i needed to do in the morning was sew the lining shut.
morning comes... i decide to do the wipe case... thing is. i lacked ribbon. insert run to beverley's crafts... good thing its a short drive down the road to get the ribbon to made the edge pretty. 12:30ish i was done... baby shower was at 1pm and ariana was picking me up for it. yes, i even had time to photograph it before wrapping it. so here are the goodies

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