Friday, September 11, 2009

its finally time

however many days, weeks, and months later...
its finished.kasey's album is to be delivered tomorrow.
i need to finish scanning the second half of the book, but that is it
oh, and figure out the binding thing so it doesn't have gaping holes
but other than that, it is complete.
down to the very last most recent photo of us.
she leaves tuesday.
wow. where has the time gone?
-mind you, i did get to go wedding dress shopping with her
she got to see me try on the bridesmaid dress (in the wrong color... lol)
and tomorrow we have movie night.
i hope for one last oreo sundae trip to dennys before her departure.
*sigh* i'll miss ya, mini me


  1. Awesome that page looks great. I can't wait to see the rest I'm sorry you are loosing your buddy.

  2. i'm finishing the scans right now.
    apparently the book made my mom cry.
    -she went through it while i was at school-