Monday, September 28, 2009

bedtime... way too late

shoot me now.
second round of bags...
if i counted right...
about 18.
i need to go to bed earlier... haa haa.
here is to hoping i make it to the gym at least once this week...


  1. You posted at 1 AM. Thats pretty for you! But astounding job cutting! I only got four cut out before Lorelai woke up. Now I'm going back to work!

  2. i couldnt sit any longer
    and only had one bag theme set to finish cutting out. so i decided i could hold off on that until today, since i have to scrounge for bits and pieces so i don't have to go out and buy more of other things.
    i already accidentally bought the wrong fabric for something... i bought the fabric i had a skirt made of, which is very simaler is color and pattern to the fabric i needed for the airforce bags. oops