Saturday, August 1, 2009

a sneak peak of sorts of the bags

heres a photo of megan with her yellow and gray themed bag at her bridal shower this evening. the reaction of this bag was much stronger than that of suzanne's bag. i could tell suzanne liked hers, funny because i got that "what the?" response from suzanne when she saw the picture i stole and put on the front. (which is taken as a compliment from her, because thats just her personality... lol) megan's bag got oohs and ahhs from those of all ages at the shower. from both of us younger and unmarried folk, as well as the moms/sisters of the bride that have already had their wedding days come and go. one lady asked me how i do it, but i can tell its not because she wants to make a purchase from me. from what i've seen of this lady, she's rather crafty. she gave megan a scrapbook set (album, pages, stickers) at the shower, as well as previously seen, she sewed her own daughter's wedding dress for her wedding in 2008.
see the build a bear bag? yes, that's what i used as a gift bag for not just megans, but i had another identical bag for suzannes... all the other bags in our house were christmas or birthday themed... or too small. hah.
suzanne looked amazing at her reception tonight. her dress was gorgeous, and you can tell she was extremely happy. i look rather odd in half the photos, so here is one of her and her now hubby, erick. the reception was smaller, held in the cultural hall of the loomis building, with the typical LDS round tables set up all around, with the cake in the center of the room. so funny how she was stressing out on sunday when all the older women that came by were talking about all their kids having babies recently, and she, through clenched teeth asks her mom "WHY is everyone talking about BABIES?" haa haa. next up, megan's wedding on august 21. two friends married in one month... might as well get the ball rolling of people i went to high school with getting married :P


  1. I like that you had a plethora of Build a Bear bags at your house to choose from.
    Of course they got ooohs and ahhs! You may not get immediate sales from these but you are planting seeds! These awesome bags are memorable people will think of them down the road when they need a gift to give. Great job.

  2. yeah. i think we have aileen to thank for the collection of build a bear bags.