Sunday, August 2, 2009

photo bags - the finals

so here they are, the final productions of the photo bags. Suzanne's is to the right, and Megan's is to the left. I decided once i did Suzanne's bag, which the photo was already in black and white, that i wanted to do Megan's in black and white as well. i feel it makes the photo flow better, and doesn't detract with bright colors and such. Also, once Suzanne's was done, i decided for Megan's to sew a strip of fabric across the bottom so that the photo didn't go all the way to the bottom seam. it helped allow room for the seam allowance as well, since the photo was on the very edge of the top seam, so it was really pushing it. haa haa. overall, the bags both got their respective attention at both bridal showers. Megan's got more of a verbal response and questioning, while Suzanne's was a bit more reserved. All in all, i'm happy with the outcomes, and hope you are too. I'll prob list these as an ad on etsy for the next showcase that people can order a custom photo bag. of course, the price will be more than the $28 that we are charging for other bags off the same pattern, due to the personalization of the item.
so there you have it. emily's photo bags of august 2009. lol

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