Monday, August 10, 2009

finally a reason to make a cake again.

i haven't had any reasons in a long time to make a cake.
last one i made was last minute, and fell apart because i didn't let it cool in enough time
so i dumped frosting on it and called it cake.
this one, is more exciting in my opinion.
reason - one of my bestest friends that i've known since i was 13 and a freshman in high school is heading off to germany for three years with her airforce husband. she decided she wanted a going away bbq party of all her friends and family as a last hoorah before she goes.
i asked her to let me make a cake for her, and she gave me the okay. the original plan was to make a cake, and then just decorate it like a german flag. but, as the thinking got further, it will look like a german flag both inside and out. inside will be layers of chocolate, classic yellow, and red velvet cakes (i think its the right order if you're talking bottom up), filled with chocolate frosting between the layers (husband's flavor preference) outside will be striped across like a german flag in vanilla icing (kasey's flavor preference). also, as a surprise to her, i ordered some red and gold m&ms (and have been buying black ones at michaels) that say "Kasey & Don Long" on some, as well as "Germany or Bust!" on the others. she knows about the cake, but is unaware of my m&m surprise. theres a few more things i'd like to do, and hope that i can get time to whip out.
so there you have my update of cake making... i still need to get some bags going. we got into the craft fair. and technically, i have 42 more bags to make in order to reach our individual goals. plus rag quilts if i can knock some of those out... in which i hope to. gah. summer is coming to an end, school is starting up, which means i will have less time than i do now.

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